AIRGEAR AGENCIES provides quality support to the HVAC Contracting and Engineering community in the Western Cape and Namibia.

The agency in brief:

AIRGEAR AGENCIES was formed in July 2010 by Johan von Holdt to provide both exposure for a group of top-tier companies and their products in the HVAC industry, and quality support to the HVAC Contracting and Engineering community in the Western Cape and Namibia.

Johan von Holdt

The agent:

Johan von Holdt joined the HVAC industry in 1987 with Improvair (Border), under the stern tutelage of Des Smith and Bruce Meaker, where he learnt the trade from the very basics of sheetmetal work and draughting, through HVAC engineering and contracting, and finally administration and leadership skills at management level.

During these 23 years, Johan attained first his National Diploma, Mechanical Engineering at Port Elizabeth Technikon, and shortly after that, his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Degree at Stellenbosch University.

As engineer and contractor, Johan also garnered 5 years of invaluable HVAC contracting experience in Botswana with Kentz (International), in an extremely challenging contracting environment with a strong contingent of foreign international consulting concerns.

The products:

The agency represents a number of internationally renowned HVAC supplier companies in Southern Africa. These include the following Brands:

TROX, the leading German and South African manufacturer of an enormous range of HVAC products, and widely accepted as the benchmark for quality in this field.

BELIMO, a Swiss-based international manufacturer producing world-leading electrical actuators, motorised valves and full system integration solutions.

DEMAN Manufacturing, a South African HVAC controls manufacturer, producing FCU,AHU and VAV controls and ancillaries.

These companies are globally respected brands of unquestionable quality, this borne out by their sustained longevity in the HVAC industry.

The service:

Airgear Agencies commitment to service has been formed from years of dissatisfaction with the supply industry in the contracting environment. One can only fully understand the value of dependable service once one has experienced the frustration through the lack thereof. We aim to break this cycle.

Airgear Agency’s mantra simply states: Good service, quality, reliability. Nothing less.



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